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Is CBD Oil Legal In Australia?

When big giants like Coca-Cola start to take interest in cannabidiol or CBD, you’ll soon realise that it is a market booming with business. For cannabis enthusiasts, and people who are well-versed with the health benefits of CBD oil against many ailments, this is great news.

Since companies like Coca-Cola are looking to jump into this market, officially legalised by Donald Trump in 50+ states of the United States, there is hope that others will follow as well.

And in no time, CBD oil will become legal throughout the world.

We know, we’re being optimistic, but this CAN happen.

However, the main question is, is CBD legal in Australia or will it ever be?

Before we answer this question, let’s take a look at why CBD oil was banned/criminalised:

The Truth Behind the Illegality of CBD Oil

To understand the real reason why CBD oil is criminalised, you have to take a look at the history of the United States. A very disappointing history that led to marijuana prohibition. Here it goes:

Back in the 1930s, marijuana was prohibited by the Nixon presidency. It was said that “marijuana is the cause of criminality mindset” but to be honest, it was a big fat lie.

The real reason to criminalise marijuana, was to apprehend and vilify anti-war activists, and sadly, black people. And you don’t have to believe us for it. John Ehrlichman, who was a top advisor to Nixon, has admitted that the presidency lied about marijuana being illegal.

We have to commend the way they spread this lie. In news, articles, TV shows, and even cartoons. Marijuana was heavily criminalised without scientific reason and just for politics.

For years, this misinformation, this big fat lie about marijuana being “health hazardous” has led many to be fearful of becoming associated with this drug.

Not just because it has “side effects that can turn you nuts” but because consuming it or even possessing it can lead to an arrest (or heavy charges). Something nobody wants to face.

However, things are changing now. Ever since medical experts have taken a bold step in backing up the medical benefits of marijuana and clearly stating how safe it is to consume ‒ compounds like CBD are becoming legal throughout the world.

Ironically, United States has now legalised marijuana for medical use, in 50+ states.

DEA, a drug administration of the United States, now considers marijuana, a Schedule 1 drug. And it is apparent that Australia has followed in the footsteps of its big sister. Here’s why:

Why CBD Is Basically Legal in Australia

In short, Australia has basically legalised CBD oil and products that contain CBD in it.

However, there are some certain conditions that you must follow, otherwise things can go awry very quickly. And it won’t do you any good. So, we recommend you follow the nick for now.

For example, the first condition is to consult a qualified doctor, who’s allowed to prescribe CBD products, and share your disorder that you’re currently facing. You can then ask him/her to prescribe CBD for your ailment. Once you are prescribed CBD for medical use, you now have the license to buy and consume CBD oil (and related products) for personal/medical use.

The second condition is that you have to buy a product that contains less than 0.3% of THC in it.

Unlike CBD, THC is a highly psychoactive compound. While medical reports haven’t found any major side effects of THC consumption, this compound will get you high real quick ‒ which is why it is illegal to consume any CBD product that has more than 0.3% of THC in it.

Though, you might not be able to find CBD oil in pharmacies, you can buy one online or at 30+ authorised stores that are distributing CBD products, legally throughout Australia.

Now, since this is clear, let’s move on to why we believe CBD will become legal, very soon.

The Reason Why We’re Hopeful For CBD

Ever since CBD has gotten some fame for its massive health benefits for humans and little to no side effects of consuming it ‒ medical experts, as well as, non-profit organisations have started decriminalising it so CBD can benefit everyone who’s looking for a stable, chemical free cure.

Take W.H.O. as an example. A recent report, conducted by World Health Organization, has come to conclusion that CBD is safe to consume and has no potential for it being abused.

FDA, while being very strict against marijuana drugs, has also approved of a CBD based medicine that’s shown remarkable results for epilepsy seizures. Scott Gottlieb, who’s the FDA commissioner, has boldly welcomed other marijuana-derived drug manufacturers in a press statement and has praised the health benefits of Epidiolex, the CBD based product.

So, it’s apparent that soon, with the right mindset, CBD will get descheduled. We’re quite certain that with many medical reports backing up the benefits of CBD and decriminalising false allegations and so-called “side effects” of its use ‒ CBD will become legal globally, very soon.

Final Verdict

CBD has many health benefits to offer. It’s a better, safer and healthier alternative to many modern drugs that we are addicted to using. While medical experts are getting more involved in researching CBD and related compounds, it will still take some time for it to become legal.

The real reason is not because there is a lack of sufficient research whether CBD is safe to consume or not, but it’s a matter of removing false propaganda that had been held against marijuana more than 80 years ago. Once that’s out of the way, CBD will hopefully be legal.

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