• Pain. A blessing in disguise, that cautions us if something goes horribly wrong with our body. It’s a fail-safe that alarms us to quickly diagnose any kind of problem we might be facing inside out. However, sometimes, this blessing can become, a sort of curse. For some people, pain can become a n... View Post
  • Dogs are really a man's best friend. They like to be friends with us, protect our homes, and wait anxiously when they’re told to wait. Believe it or not, but dogs are overly emotional when it comes to the bond between a pet and its owner. They want you to be around all the time. You can assume th... View Post
  • Although science doesn’t know why we sleep, it does know that it has a profound effect on our health and quality of life. Without proper sleep, you get drowsy, lazy and most of all, unhealthy. This is why there are “sleeping” drugs that help you fall asleep. The bad news is: these drugs aren’t th... View Post