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Can CBD Oil Help Anxiety? - Facts You Need To Know

CBD products have made a lot of headlines recently. One of them being ‘the perfect treatment drug for anxiety’. But, it’s still a long way to go until FDA approves of this.

This is why people are sceptical whether CBD, aka cannabinoids, really works or is it just a fad?

However, the known fact is that research papers are screaming about the benefits of CBD on people who are suffering from anxiety disorders.

But, finding these researches can be a pain in the butt.

So, we’ve taken it in our hands to search for these studies on CBD, narrow it down to the most relevant ones and tailor them to the liking of our beloved readers.

Here goes nothing:

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What is CBD Actually?

If you’re a fan of alternative medicine, you may have realised that a new trend is emerging in this industry ‒ most noticeably in the United States. More than 50 states in U.S. alone have legalised medicinal marijuana because its health benefits triumph its minor side-effects and the criticisms of its drug abuse. But, that’s not it.

Although marijuana itself is used for ‘getting high’, there are compounds found in this herb, that don’t have any psychoactive properties. The one that science has gotten interested in is CBD.

CBD, aka cannabidiol, one of the many cannabinoids, is showing great results for treating anxiety, depression, pain, cognition and movement disorders.

The good part of why CBD is getting more favours than medical marijuana is because it’s extracted from hemp plant, which makes it less expensive than its counterpart (marijuana) and contains less THC ‒ the main psychoactive compound that causes the “high”, euphoric effect.

The quantity of THC is so low that it doesn’t get you high. So, if you’re into that, look elsewhere!

Now, the question is:

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Can CBD Really Help Fight Anxiety?

Believe it or not, but one of the main health benefits that got medical experts interested in CBD is that it works really well in treating anxiety disorders. Both human and animal trials have confirmed that CBD promises significant reduction in anxiety when they were treated with it.

And to top it up, a neuroimaging report has shown us that CBD activates the limbic and paralimbic regions of the brain that are strongly related to anxiety disorders and its symptoms.

Even though the research on CBD is still in early stages, we are seeing great health benefits of it ‒ especially when it comes to treating anxiety. But we know that is not enough to satisfy your curiosity of CBD’s health benefits. So, we’ve discussed specific anxiety disorders in detail and how CBD treats those disorders and its related symptoms as shown by research and studies.

These disorders include:

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

Do you find yourself uncomfortable in social outings, parties, crowded events and something that involves long conversations? If your answer is yes, then you might be experiencing SAD.

People with social anxiety disorder tend to keep their lives to themselves. They like to stay away from crowds or any social events and can be very bad at interpersonal relationships (in chronic stages).

The problem can be resolved without drugs or therapies. But, research has suggested that this is one of those anxiety disorders that, if left untreated, can lead to serious depression issues .

This study, has concluded that CBD is the way to go if you want to alleviate the symptoms of social anxiety disorder. CBD does show promising results in treating SAD but medical experts haven’t given it a green light as of yet. We are, however, optimistic about its health benefits.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is also one of the most common anxiety disorders that we humans face. It is triggered when we are thrown into something we fear (aka a phobia). It can be dark night, a creature or something imaginary/supernatural. Like all other anxiety problems, PTSD negatively affects the quality of life and can lead to unhealthy lifestyle if left untreated.

PTSD and phobia are very similar since both of them are associated with “learned fear”. In simple words, if something that triggers fear into you, so much so, that it drowns you into anxiety ‒ it is likely that you have a phobia or PTSD related to that ‘something’, which can be anything.

But, the good news is, CBD reacts very well to PTSD and phobias. It has something to do with our brain chemistry and ‘fear memory reconsolidation’. This research strongly suggests that CBD has anti-anxiety properties and can be used to treat PTSD and phobias in the future.

Panic Disorder

Humans tend to panic when they’re stressed or are under a very tight situation. But sometimes, that panic can trigger anxiety. This is what panic disorder is all about. Thankfully, this research recommends that cannabidiol (CBD) can become a viable option for treating panic disorder.

But, as we’ve said before, CBD is a new substance in medical science. More research is needed to figure out its proper dosage, how effective it is against panic disorder, and if there are certain side-effects that we need to be aware of. But, testimonies have claimed that it works!

Substance Abuse

Most of us know why we cling to substance abuse. Whether it’s an illegal and deadly psychoactive drug or something as common as alcohol ‒ there is always a reason why we make it a habit of consuming them. Research has claimed that the reason is none other than anxiety.

The anxiety can be of any disorder. It doesn’t matter. As long as you feel that taking that drug or drinking that bottle of alcohol will get rid of it, you are in fact, a victim of panic disorder.

But, fret not! There’s good news for you.

CBD has shown, time and time again, that it works great against mental disorders. And some medical experts are recognising CBD as a viable treatment for substance abuse.          

Since CBD is non-addictive, it is a much safer alternative to drugs and alcohol that come loaded with long-term side-effects. Whereas, CBD is only packed with long-term health benefits.

We’ve done the best we could to include all the anxiety disorders that have been studied under CBD treatment. Although, there are plethora of reviews and testimonies of anxiety victims, suggesting that CBD is a “lifesaver”, you guys know very well that we do not swing that way.

So, we’re waiting for more research/study papers to come in to prove if CBD is worth it or not.

But, until then, let us tell you what we recommend:

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Why You Shouldn’t Focus on CBD for Anxiety Alone

We have hopes for CBD. Believe us, we do. But, we also love this relationship we have with our beloved readers. And that is why, we have to remind you that CBD is not a substitute for a trained psychologist/psychiatrist or prescribed drugs when it comes to treating anxiety issues.

It’s necessary to know that self-medicating is a dangerous adventure.

It can reap huge rewards in the end but it can also mean that you’ll get lost in the way or, in the worst case, pay serious consequences, which you thought were never going to happen.

We strongly believe that CBD will, one day, become the most common “medicine” to treat anxiety related issues but until then, there is not enough research/data that can compete with decades of studies done by physicians, psychologists and related medical professionals.

So, if you or someone you know, are a victim of anxiety, we advise you to opt for medical consultation from a health professional first before buying any CBD products whatsoever.

But, if you’ve already done that, and are planning to add CBD into your lifestyle so it can aid the therapy you’re undergoing; read on as we guide you on how to use CBD for anxiety.

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The Best Way to Use CBD for Anxiety

If you’re new to CBD, you should know that it comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. You have to do a little digging on your own to find out which CBD product works best for you.

In our opinion, CBD oil is the best way to go since it is a lot more versatile and easy to consume.

But, the oil itself, comes in various forms. These three, are the most common:

  • CBD oil tinctures
  • CBD vape products
  • CBD capsules

We recommend using CBD oil tinctures. But, you can choose any other product you desire.

As for the dosage, it is a wise decision to start small and keep increasing the dosage until you’re getting the desired effect out of CBD i.e. beating the shit out of your anxiety disorder.

Since cannabidiol is safe, even if you take high dosages; you can ‘experiment’ what dosage works best for you without any backlash. Just, don’t overdo it ‒ like taking 250mg+ dosages.

Do some trial and error and you’ll find the ‘Goldilocks dosage’ for yourself.

You should also see the ‘recommended dosage’ given by manufacturer of the product you purchased. It’s a good idea to start the dosage from there, and increase it every week or two.

Of course, before consuming CBD, it is obvious that you may want to consult with your doctor if you’re already taking medication for anxiety or are doing therapy sessions and let him/her know about CBD and taking it as a supplement. But, please, as we’ve said above, do not substitute CBD for whatever prescribed drugs you’re taking or therapies you’re doing. It’s a BIG NO!

You should also know that CBD can take a week or two to work on you. So, if it takes a bit more time than you expected, don’t worry. Just keep taking it and increasing the dosages.

Now, how would you know that CBD has started working? You’ll feel much calmer, have a peaceful state of mind, and experience the absence of anxiety from your life. That’s the perfect time to stop increasing the dose and stick to that specific dosage for a long-time.

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Final Verdict

Anxiety is a common problem of many individuals who are under stressful situations. If you underestimate it, it can quickly overwhelm you and continue and constantly make your life harder.

The good news is: CBD can be a good challenger for anxiety.

For most anxiety sufferers, it has shown remarkable results. But, science is yet to surrender to its health benefits due to very little research on its effect on human psychology and behaviour.

However, trying it out and experiencing if it works for you is a wise decision to take. But it still doesn’t outweigh the benefits of consulting with a healthcare professional. We recommend opting for CBD as a supplement only that aids with your existing anxiety therapies.


So what are your thoughts on CBD for anxiety? Would you be willing to try it out on your own or would you want to wait until there is more scientific support to back up CBD's health claims?

If you have had success with using a CBD product we would love to hear about it in our comments section below. We also encourage you to share our article with any loved ones who may be suffering from anxiety.

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