We all know that some skin diseases can be embarrassing. They may not be deadly, but can affect how you think about yourself ‒ impacting your self esteem and confidence negatively.

Lo and behold, psoriasis is exactly that kind of skin disease. And a very common one!

Psoriasis doesn’t just affect how you look though, it can become a serious illness. And if left untreated this skin infection can spread throughout your body ‒ causing the area to be highly sensitive and painful.

And the worst part? There is no cure... Or is there?

Medical studies are nodding to the wonderful healing benefits of CBD and how great it is against skin infections, diseases and disorders. But is it really true or just a fad?

That’s what we’re trying to find out in this article. Although we have to tell you that unlike other problems that we have discussed in previous articles, this particular one lacks a lot of evidence and research. But we will still try to figure out whether CBD works against psoriasis or not.

Let’s dive right in:

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What is Psoriasis Exactly?

For those who don’t know, psoriasis is a skin disease that causes your skin to reproduce at an abnormal rate. It is mainly found on elbows, knees and possibly areas that have been exposed after a road injury and were not diagnosed correctly. The real problem is the new skin reproduction causes a massive production of dead skin cells that then becomes psoriasis.

If some symptoms match what we have described below, you might have psoriasis.

  • Skin irritation
  • Red patches
  • Cracked skin
  • Irresistible itchiness
  • Overgrown dead skin
  • And in rare cases, painful blisters.

Although there is no cure for this skin problem, there are drugs that can allow you to control it from developing even further. We have discussed these drugs in detail down below:

Commonly Used Drugs For Psoriasis


One of the main reasons that cause psoriasis to spread is inflammation.

Corticosteroid helps fight that.

It is a topical treatment that eases the inflammation of your skin, allowing you to have a sense of relief from pain and itchiness that in return, urges you to scratch the affected surface rigorously.


However, the problem is, using corticosteroids, for a long term, can cause acne outbreaks; discoloration of the skin, atrophy and even thinning of your skin wherever it’s applied.


Sure, it’s a good solution for a short-term, but we don’t see it a “good option” for long-term use.


Let’s move on to the next drug that counters psoriasis.




Anthralin is often described as the synthetic formula of a natural compound that’s found in goa powder derived from araroba tree. The main benefit of using this against psoriasis is that, it controls the skin growth and keeps it from becoming serious. However, the problem with this drug is, you have to use it with extreme care. Otherwise, you might stain your skin forever!


The stain of anthralin is permanent and can become more problematic if treaded lightly.


Let’s talk about another drug that’s good against psoriasis.




Tazarotene is a retinoid cream that’s made entirely from Vitamin A. It might sound harmless but don’t let it fool you. This cream is extremely sensitive to heat which means you don’t want to wear it if you’re planning to go outside. Even a small glimpse of sunlight can cause a chain reaction ‒ leaving a nasty skin burn immediately. So, do not wear it in a sunny environment.


It is also advised not to use it if you’re pregnant unless you want birth defects in your baby.


Next, we have a popular drug that’s used for numerous skin problems.


Salicylic Acid


This is the best product we have found so far. Why, you might ask?


For starters, it works wonderfully against psoriasis by removing the dead skin cells that are bulking up due to over-reproduction of your skin. Second, it doesn’t have any severe side effects unlike other drugs we mentioned above.


The minor side effect is that; using it overtime, can lead to hair loss over the affected area. If that affected area is, let’s say, your scalp, then this might not be a good option for you.


Here’s another drug that works extremely well against psoriasis.




This drug is very similar to the ones above. It slows down the abnormal skin growth, but the way it does, is very smart.


Methotrexate works by slowing down your autoimmune system (the main reason behind the abnormal skin growth). It’s shown good results so far, even for severe psoriasis cases.


But, the problem with this smartypants is that, it can damage your liver, and even blood cells.


Who wants to trade their skin problem for that? We don’t!




This is also similar to the above drug.


The main effect of this particular medicine is that it “controls” the immune system that causes rapid dead skin cells' growth, but it does not do it efficiently enough.


Again, this drug is kind of drowning in hot water. The main side effect of biologics is that they can negatively affect your immune system’s healing capabilities. So, the next time an illness knocks you down in your bed, it might take you longer to recover than an average joe.


All in all, these drugs, although packed with side effects, can allow you to control psoriasis before it becomes a major pain in the butt.


But, here’s the fun part: CBD might be able to “cure” it.

Can CBD Help Psoriasis Victims?

This is the real thing that you were probably looking forward to reading.


As you all know that we’re a big fan of CBD (cannabidiol). It has shown some remarkable results that simply outweigh modern drugs, medicines, and the related supplements for sure.


But, since it’s a trendy new subject. We don’t know much about it.


And when it comes to treating less-hazardous diseases like psoriasis, it becomes apparent that there will be little to no research on this subject. But, in this case, unfortunately, there is none.


There is no specific evidence, study or research that suggests CBD might work against psoriasis. But, there are other studies that may be relevant to solving this piece of puzzle.


This research on CBD has suggested that CBD is an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory compound. If you didn’t know, the main cause that allows psoriasis to take place on your skin (and then spread like fire) is skin inflammation. So, maybe, CBD might be able to cure it.


But, it’s still just a theory, and we’re still sailing in high waters.


So, what we’d advise you to do is experiment if it works for you or not.


Try taking oral supplements that contain CBD like CBD tinctures and capsules. It’s also a good idea to use a topical CBD product like cream or an ointment. Or, try using both at the same time.


The reason we are recommending you to experiment with CBD for psoriasis is because it’s a natural compound derived directly from hemp plant. So far, we haven’t found any side effects that have been recorded, in topical products and oral supplements containing CBD in it.


However, if you’re pregnant, we advise you to wait until your baby is born. It might affect your infant’s psychology and behaviour when he/she is still with you ‒ waiting to come outside.

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Final Verdict

There is no evidence that suggests CBD might work against psoriasis. But, if you’re like us and love to experiment with new things, there should not be any harm in doing so. Afterall, trying out CBD for psoriasis might be the only solution that gets rid of itfor you.

Listen to what your gut says and always consult your doctor before using CBD, especially if you’re already treating psoriasis with other products. Better safe than sorry!


So what are your thoughts on CBD for psoriasis? Would you be willing to try it out on your own or would you want to wait until there is more scientific support to back up CBD's health claims?

If you have had success with using a CBD product we would love to hear about it in our comments section below. We also encourage you to share our article with any loved ones who may be suffering from psoriasis.

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