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Are CBD Creams, Serums and Lotions Any Good?

CBD (cannabinoids) is becoming a popular ingredient in almost every industry.

Its use in health/supplement niche is quite a success. But now, CBD is spreading its wings on beauty products. It’s obvious why. It’s trendy and comes packed with healthy perks that traditional beauty products aren’t gifted with. This is because cannabinoids effect our endocannabinoids system directly ‒ which is not something that man-made chemicals can do.

The system basically acts as a neurotransmitter releaser found in human body that plays a major role in regulating processes such as anti-inflammation, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-aging. To put it simply, It’s quite a nifty little system but very essential to our health.

But, is it good for our skin as well? Many of our readers are still not sure.

This is why we found it necessary to write an article on CBD products like serums, lotions and creams because we believe that the beauty industry is already fascinated with CBD’s benefits.

So, without further ado; let’s get started:

Skin Care Benefits You Can Expect from CBD

As we’ve said it above, CBD effects our endocannabinoids system, which plays a vital role in influencing how our skin takes care of itself. In layman terms, this suggests that applying any CBD serum, cream or lotion directly onto your skin can have a drastic impact on its health.

Let’s take a closer look into the properties, found in CBD, that help improve our skin:

Anti Inflammation

Skin inflammation is not a good thing to experience. It can lead to severe acne, hyperpigmentation and other skin problems that are embarrassing to have. CBD promises to solve this problem. It’s because it is anti-inflammatory by nature. This study backs the promise that shows how effective it can be at reducing inflammation.

We’ve also found another study that is currently researching how CBD can become a potential therapy for treating acne naturally. It shows that CBD regulates sebaceous glands to keep their secretion normal and protects them from inflammation ‒ leading to a healthier, spotless skin.


Being an antioxidant, CBD works well at reducing the damage caused by UV rays when you’re exposed to it outdoors. Just so you know, UV exposure is a leading factor in speeding up skin’s aging process. In other words, making you look older than you are. But, we believe CBD beauty products can reverse that. Thanks to its antioxidant properties and how easy it is for our skin to absorb CBD as it’s a natural substance ‒ we’re very optimistic for upcoming CBD anti-agers.


Ever heard of staph infection? As far as we know, it’s some kind of methicillin resistant bacteria, which doesn’t take any beating from antibiotics and can cause several skin infections.

Since this bacteria is one of its kind and antibiotics doesn’t seem to have any effect over it ‒ it’s pleasing to hear that CBD can work well against it as it is a natural substance ‒ gifted to us humans by nature itself ‒ which, comes packed with superb antibacterial properties.

Bonus: Moisturizer

Remember the endocannabinoid system we discussed earlier? Guess what? It’s also responsible for keeping your skin from drying by producing enough lipids (the good stuff) to keep it moist. We also found that CBD serums, creams and lotions can fight eczema, which is a severe skin condition that is hard to treat and sometimes very painful to the touch.

With such great benefits that CBD has to offer, it’s no wonder why beauty industry has started using it in a lot of its products. We’re certain that if CBD is combined with other natural ingredients, it can even surpass the traditional, chemical-fused, beauty products in the future.

However, we don’t think that knowing the benefits alone is good enough to decide whether you should buy CBD topical products or not. So, we’ve included the 3 most FAQs down below:

3 Most FAQs Answered in Detail

Can I get high using CBD beauty products?

No, you never will. The reason is that cannabinoids (CBD) doesn’t have any psychoactive effect on you that gets you high. It’s THC that does that when you smoke weed. But, since it’s illegal to have over 0.3% of THC, you’re never going to feel any “euphoric” effect.

How much is ‘good enough’ when it comes to CBD?

It depends. On the product and the effect that you desire. Let’s take an example here. Some ointments require only a pea-sized amount to be applied to an affected area for acne, whereas some lotion or cream require you to cover your whole face to have its anti-aging benefits.

We recommend you to follow the instruction manual that comes with almost every beauty product. Since CBD is safe to use, even if you use too much, it is nothing to be worried about.

However, we strongly advise you to look at its ingredient chart so you are sure that there is nothing included in the product that can trigger skin allergy. If you’re pregnant or nursing, we also advise you not to use it because we do not know how CBD affects the baby yet.

Can I use CBD oil instead of buying skin products?

Yes, this is the most convenient and affordable way to introduce CBD benefits to your skin.

We recommend you check the ingredients of the CBD oil first to make sure there is nothing included (mainly carrier oil or flavourings) that can possibly give you an allergic reaction.

However, using CBD oils for your skin has two problems:

  1. Applying CBD oil topically may not give you the desired effect that you’re looking for. Say, for example, your skin is inflamed and you need to hush it ASAP. CBD oil will not be able to do that. It’s because, in most cases, skin products that soothe the skin contain aloe, which oil doesn’t.
  1. It is very difficult to spread the oil evenly and can be used more than it’s needed. Beauty products do it much better, which is why they’re preferred over other conventional methods.

But, if that doesn’t bother you; it is a smart move to use CBD oils as a topical remedy.

Final Verdict

To sum it up, CBD creams, serums and lotions are a welcomed addition to the natural/organic beauty products. Whether you’re looking to prevent/treat skin disease or keep it young and glowing ‒ going for CBD products is a better, more effective alternative over traditional ones.

We hope that it’s now easier for you to decide whether to try CBD beauty products or not.

Feel free to leave a feedback if we missed something by commenting down below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to be notified for our latest articles and CBD news.

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