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Are CBD CockTails Safe To Consume?

As good restaurants and bars keep coming up with new and innovative menus to draw in more customers, especially drink menus, you may have already noticed an out of the world ingredient, CBD. As bizarre as this three letter word sounds, CBD is becoming a popular trend and you will see it infused in many food and drink menus in the coming years.

It’s possible you’ve already been in a restaurant or a bar that serves CBD infused cocktails.

In any case, we know how curious you can be when you’re offered to drink a creative cocktail that has something in it that you never heard about ‒ in this case, CBD.

Although we recommend trying it out yourself and see it if gives you a great experience, or not ‒ but it’s still a good precaution to know more about CBD and its effects on your body first.

We’ve discussed a lot about CBD, its uses, its health benefits and more in this article .

But, if you’re already familiar with CBD, read on:

How CBD Cocktails Comes to Life

Now, if you want to know how bars create CBD cocktails before ordering your favourite cocktail mixed fused with CBD, let’s take a look at how expert mixologists do it.

Here’s how an expert blends CBD with your favourite cocktail: instead of using CBD oil, he/she will use CBD tinctures that tend to blend very well with almost any alcoholic beverage.

Unlike CBD oil, tinctures mix seamlessly (they’re made to) into the drink and do not cause CBD to sit on top of it whereas, a traditional mix of CBD oil with an alcohol drink would.

Although some rednecks would prefer to have CBD oil in their alcohol, because it makes the taste and smell of hemp a lot stronger, it will overpower the taste and aroma of your cocktail too.

In the end, you’ll be left with a mushy tongue, layered with thick CBD oil.

And you don’t want that. Do you? Let this sink in your mind while we move ahead:

Is It Safe to Drink CBD Cocktails?

Probably. Since CBD cocktails are a very new trend, there is not much information that we can rely on and state that it’s “completely safe” to drink them. However, we can assume that if you’re ordering a normal dose of CBD in a drink (not higher than 250mg) then it will likely be safe.

But again, it’s just an assumption so take this information with a pinch of salt.

On the other hand, if you are worried about getting super high while being super drunk, it won’t happen. This is because CBD doesn’t have any euphoric effects like THC (the main substance in cannabis that causes a “high” effect). And this study confirms it.

It says that people who consumed alcohol with a CBD capsule, had lower blood alcohol levels than people who only drank alcohol while symptoms like motor impairment and psychomotor performance were the same. In layman terms, CBD cocktail will get you drunk, but it won’t get you high respectively. Then, why would you consider mixing CBD in your drink?

It’s because of its many benefits that we have discussed here .

Plus, another study shows that it can “save” your liver from getting damage from the abuse of consuming too much alcohol. But, since this study is performed on mice, we can’t say for sure.

We’re excited to see if CBD cocktails really do make a difference and actually treat fatty liver disease that’s caused by excessive use of alcohol but that’s a story for another day.

The main question is:

Should You Try It?

It depends. We don’t recommend drinking CBD based alcohol drinks unless you’ve already tried other, better, CBD delivery methods . But, if it excites you to try it out and experiment how it feels to drink a CBD infused drink versus a traditional cocktail, why the hell not?

In the end, it’s up to you whether you want to mix your favourite cocktail with CBD or not.

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