• Is CBD Oil Legal In Australia?

    When big giants like Coca-Cola start to take interest in cannabidiol or CBD, you’ll soon realise that it is a market booming with business. For cannabis enthusiasts, and people who are well-versed with the health benefits of CBD oil against many ailments, this is great news. Since companies like ... View Post
  • What Is THC?

    Ever since medicinal marijuana has become a norm in the medical industry and people prefer it over conventional drugs; science has gone extra lengths to figure out what’s in this plant that makes it so healthy yet unhealthy at the same time. Thanks to years of research into cannabis, we now know... View Post
  • CBD vs THC

    If you’re new to medicinal marijuana and have started researching for yourself, you're going to start seeing the name of two popular compounds come up: CBD and THC. While both cannabinoids are found in the cannabis plant and share nearly identical chemical structure, their properties are like nig... View Post

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